Monday, 29 April 2013

Out of the loli comfort zone part 3.

Next on the list: garish colour combinations and long sleeves. I so wasn't going to wear the furisode because come on, some limit to the length of sleeves, but I figured the checkered kimono could do.

My number one grievance whenever I see long-sleeved wa-lolita outfit is that it's not dressed up to the nines. In kimono long sleeves usually add formality levels and in any case since the sleeves are long you're going to have to balance it out by adding showy stuff to it.

So I went and did just that. A new, bright red haneri, that sparkly golden obi with the sakura pattern, Puppet Circus skirt, extra-lots of flowers in the hair. The works.

I was battling long and hard over shoes vs. boots. I have red boots that would have suited the style, but in the end it seemed like they were adding "too much" red to the coord so shoes it was. Also see a third way of wearing a normal length kimono in a wa coord: in the first one I tucked the sides under the obi, the second one had the whole kimono under the skirt part, now only the back of the kimono is tucked up. Works well with the print on the skirt too to not cover it up too much.

Front close-up. The ohashori is folded in double to keep it in this size, if I hadn't done so it would be hanging all the way to my thighs.

The back, just a normal otaiko.

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