Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A new coat for the summer.

I'm almost sure it happened in the Roihuvuori park meet-up but I'm not entirely sure, could have been some other one just as well. I no longer remember who said this either but what I do remember is that I was wearing a jacket over my coord. And suddenly someone asked:
"We've been wondering whether you have a coat in every colour of your wardrobe."

This made me realize that without knowing it I was actually a serious case of coatoholic. I really DID have a coat in almost every colour and I hadn't even noticed that I had many! To my own knowledge I don't even like coats that much -

oh well, this is all just to say aaaaah I bought a new coat aaaah I love it!

To make a feeble defense (besides the aaaaah I love it) I bought it for cheaps at the Kolaportið flea market. It cost me about 15E, that's how cheaps. Perfect condition, fits like a dream.

Here's some detail shots of the buttons...

...have I ever mentioned I absolutely love buttons?

Have I also ever mentioned I absolutely love Laura Ashley?

It's very close to a perfect match with my ETC ice cream dress. :3

Here's the coord without the coat, just in case.

Outfit rundown:

Coat: Laura Ashley
Shirt, extra collar, boots: vintage
All else: offbrand

 Two sides of the top of the hairdo to better show what's going on with it. I teased my overgrown fringe to the side and pinned it to place, then made a small braid of the hair behind my ear and attached it over my head. My hair's not long enough for the braid to properly cross over so I hid the end of it under those roses. 

This is a very generic rule of my hairstyles by the way. The more roses it has the more things I have to hide (or sometimes I just go rose crazy).

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