Monday, 27 May 2013

Pippilotta Viktualia Rullgardina aaaahIforgottherest Långstrump, sun and ice lollies.

Heh, like mentioned yesterday: some days are just plain cold but the ones in between them may well be sunny and warm. These photos are actually one day older than yesterday's. :D

Regardless, it's finally time to pack away my winter kimono and bring out the yukata. The only problem is that although it's warm, Breiðholt is always super windy, being atop a tall hill and near the sea. I'm battling this with a summerjuban underneath the yukata. While the yukata is usually worn without one it's ok to wear a juban if it's necessary, but it turns the look automatically a notch more formal, so I decided to go with an obi that's on par with that.

Also time to start wearing my favourite geta. :3

I bought these years ago from Kyoto and ever since getting them out of the storage in the spring has been The Sign of summer to me. Now to bear with a blister or two between the toes before my feet once again get used to the idea...

A close-up.

This is me outside reading Lína Langsokkur (= Pippi Långstrump in Icelandic) and eating a self made ice lolly. This is also a photo I had no idea of until I uploaded them all on to my computer. Someone, and I'm not naming names but bf may be the number one suspect, sneaked a photo of me. 

Btw here's my favourite ice lolly "recipe":

- berries or fruit
- juice to taste
- Moomin moulds

Skip any one of those three and the quality of the taste won't be the same, yes yes. *nod nod*


  1. You always look so good in kimono and yukata! I'm trying to learn how to do the same so I'll be studying your blog this week in preparation for festival season :)

    1. Aw thank you, I'm glad you like my kitsuke! Don't trust my entries too much though, I read Kimono Hime way too often. XD But in case you're interested, here's some (English language) blogs on the topic that I follow:

      They're all much better than me. *fangirly moment*