Saturday, 1 June 2013

International Lolita Day!

Or correctly put International Lolita Summer Day, but the weather was (once again) against the idea and gave us autumn instead. Miserable, thin rain + coldness. Regardless ILD is ILD and demands a dress!

Sometimes I put together a coord and it just doesn't work, but I have no idea how or why. The only way to figure it out, for me at least, is to snap a quick photo of it because somehow I see in a picture what I can't see in a mirror (wtf). So here's how it happened today:

Hm, nothing obviously amiss but the beige shirt wasn't working with the offwhite/ivory skirt. I could have just changed the shirt into an off-white one but I didn't - for one I thought it might look a bit boring, for two I had juuuust got all that on and my hair and make-up just right and aaaah laziness. 

Instead I tried adding something to the top. Apologies for the sameposing, this time I had a good reason. The wind was on that side of my face and I had to hold my fringe away from my face. :D

This coord did not work either. The brown overdress blended in the hoodie and neither looked good, so meh.

The third and final try was this one. Well, finally! 

Outfit rundown:

Skirt, overdress, hoodie, rose hairband: selfmade
Shirt, cardigan: vintage
Shoes, tights, accessories: offbrand

The Lolita Day itself was uneventful but nice. We went walking around downtown and ended up taking shelter from a sudden bout of rain in a cafe with huge windows and a view over the very center of Reykjavík. IDK what it is but there's something unbelievably cozy about drinking a warm cup of coffee while it's raining outside.

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