Sunday, 2 June 2013

Just a daily look.

(That little doodle is an accurate depiction of how my face looked in the photo. No, you'll never see the original for as long as I live and a note to self, always take more than one photo. ALWAYS.)

I have recently learned that what looks ok on the tiny screen of a camera might actually be the derpiest, hurrdurriest thing you've ever seen. Anyway, an Iceland-suitable summer dress outfit would consist of:

- a long skirt
- lots of layers; you can wear fairly thin fabrics if you layer them
- long sleeves
- a cardigan that's actually warm
- waterproof shoes

A suitable hairstyle is anything that would still look ok-ish after walking through a car wash a surprise storm. Downtown is a bit easier since you can always just pop in a cafe to take shelter and warm yourself, there's lots of cute little cafes everywhere and they're often open long hours during the summer.

Haha who am I kidding, I wore a huge Icelandic sweater over this coord anyway. :D

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