Monday, 3 June 2013

Knitting meet-up dress.

Here's what I wore to the knitting club meet yesterday. I do love this dress a lot, so imagine the scare I had when it felt unusually tight around the waist... but luckily this time it was just the bottom layer of fabric being bunched up that was getting in the way instead of my belly fats. 

Onward for some goofing around for the cam -photos.



I do need a hat pin or some other way of fastening it to my head though.

Close-up of the hairstyle. It's just two plaits, teased fluffy, but despite the simpleness I like the look a lot.

Outfit rundown:

Dress: Gunne Sax
Shoes: vintage
Everything else: offbrand


  1. Love it! I like the Anne of Greengables feeling in this outfit!

    1. Thank you! :3
      Haha, that's two for Anne and one for Pollyanna then! XD