Monday, 8 July 2013

A new, summer look for the blog!

I was beginning to get a bit tired of the old one and then I realized that to top it all off I was wearing a thick wool coat in the header image... and it's July. Definitely time for some changes! The background I'm using is by The Background Fairy.

And no worries, this blog is still not a kimono blog. :D

I had to book a dentist's appointment today. It went... errrr... interestingly for both sides I'm sure. :D I'm somewhat useless whenever I have to speak Icelandic on the phone and the situation added to this - let's see everything I'm afraid of, dealing with important issues in Icelandic, speaking Icelandic on the phone, speaking on the phone in general (I hate it, you have no idea -.-) annnnnd I'm deadly afraid of dentists... 

But hey, I managed to book that appointment! I totally forgot my phone number when it was asked for though! I almost rolled on the floor in embarrassment afterwards! I needed a distraction!

So I put together a totally Kimono Hime inspired yukata combo.

I'm somewhat proud of this musubi! It's a variation of anesan musubi with an unusual middle part (you can glimpse the base part of the musubi, the bow, peeking out from behind).


  1. Ooo, such a nice belt thingy~
    Yay for summer looks, looking good!

    1. "Belt thingy" is now listed among the cutest expressions ever, awwwwww. :D And thank yous, it was indeed time to refresh the place a little!