Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A simple limeade recipe.

This one's nothing special - a very basic anythingade recipe, but it's delicious! Takes about one and a half hours to make, minimum. You can let it sit for longer with the lime peel in if you like, just try the taste every now and then.


3 limes
1 dl sugar
1 dl water
Later on 5-6 dl more water

Peel the limes thinly avoiding the white part right under the peel, and put in a bowl. You can add a little bit of the white too if you like some bitterness in the taste.

Squeeze the limes, squeeze them well!

Mix sugar and water in a pot and heat up until the sugar is completely dissolved. Let cool a bit and pour over the lime peels. Add the juice and mix well. Add more water one dl at a time, checking the taste in between. You can add even more water if you think the taste's too strong for you, or you can leave it a little bit stronger and then dilute it more before drinking it.

Let the bowl sit in room temperature for about an hour. Pour it through a sieve and refrigerate.

Serve with ice (or a freezer-cold yellow submarine)!

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