Monday, 1 July 2013

Recent flea market findings

Kolaportið got me again, as it so often does. There's just something about that place -  at first you're wandering through rows of random scalperish types and all of a sudden, there it is, something that calls your name and then you end up taking it home. I'm easy for cute, cheap clothes like that. -.-

Starting from the left there's a long, black sweater, really cute and warm. I could not resist the pattern in particular, an umbrella and a rain of hearts awwwww.

The next is a pale teal dress I found by surprise at a booth that otherwise sold blingy sequin-y sparkly metal-y 80's dresses, all huge shoulders and large flowers and tacky decorations and a lot of everything at once - and this dress. What ever was it even doing there I don't know, but it fits me perfectly. :3

The next two I bought at a booth that sold the remaining pieces with a 2 for 500kr (~3E) deal. The pink chiffon tunic caught my attention first, and then I selected the white sleeveless cotton shirt as the second item. There's something about light cotton fabrics, I love them and they're one of the Big Summer Things among ice cream, sun shades, sandals and the smell of freshly mowed lawn that really make summer for me.

All in all quite a good haul!

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