Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The fleamarket finds in action part 1!

Naturally I've immediately began to wear everything I bought on Sunday. This means that indeed I've worn them all already - although wearing the teal dress to raking grass was, on hindsight, possibly a bit disrespectful to the cuteness of the dress. I would do it again, mind, especially if the day was hot, because it's so airy and cotton is the best thing to have while working outside, an added plus for style (who wants to rake grass in anything but their best look, I ASK YOU)(no one, that's the correct answer!).

Anyway a cotton dress is easy to wash.

The sleeveless shirt, however, will be guarded against sweat somewhat fiercely because don't we all know what'll happen to the underarms if I don't. Lucky me Icelandic summer poses very few threats of sweating (or feeling warm, for that matter) but I'm still going to be caaaaareful with it.

(The wheelbarrow is, for now, an added item in these photos, at least until I can call up the energy to move it down one flight of stairs and up another one.)

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