Monday, 15 July 2013

Teal haneri and a white+brown yukata and obi.

Another new haneri, this time the teal one with small, white polka dots. I'm afraid it's almost exactly the same combo as in the header image of this blog - originally I intended to match the kimono with my blue hemp nagoya obi, but when I tried it it did not really work. Matching up colours with kimono depends a lot on how much of each colour is present, and having that much teal blue just made the whole thing look bland. The brown obi, however, suits the coord a lot better!

Here's the whole thing again...

Backside. Whoah that musubi has some mad poof! :D
(This is my longest hanhaba obi so I had to drape the midsection one extra time, that's where the poof comes from.)

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