Friday, 12 July 2013

New accessories, that's what makes me feel better.

Yesterday I had to have a filling done to one of my teeth and because I managed to behave despite my fear of dentists I decided to reward myself with new han eri. A han eri is an extra collar that goes under the kimono/yukata and they are often colourful and showy, changing the whole look of a coord.

My original idea was to get something cute with polka dots. This part worked out well as you can see above, my new teal x white and white x yellow han eri indeed are cute. However, the other two were spur of the moment ideas. The checkered fabric just looked so bold and stylish I had to have some to try it out and that pink leopard print... let's just say it's not my usual style but if I find my balls I'll totally wear it. :D

So here's the first in action, the white x yellow polka dot han eri with my green yukata. The print of the latter is so busy that the simple han eri calms it down nicely, although at first I was considering the b x w checkered han eri to go with this coord... maybe next time, maybe with another obi.

Here's the whole thing then. I forgot to slip on my obi ita because the obi itself is very stiff. Technically speaking I could well wear a yukata without one, but I prefer the look of a really flat obi.

And now with extra wind! Lots and lots of it! :D Also obi ita finally in place, see what a difference it makes!

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