Friday, 9 August 2013

Clocks and cups.

Some recent changes in our apartment - the only thing I fear is taking this whole collection with us when we move! :D 

It's very much two collections come together, actually. I collect the cups, my SO the clocks. The cuckoo clock on the side is the newest item to his collection and we're already cuckooing back at it.


Cups and clocks and -

...more cups and clocks! The black clock in the back has a little ballerina in it. I thought it fit well with the duck cup because there's ballerinas and ducks and both are pretty. There was logic in it when I arranged them but atm I can't find it anywhere anymore, sorry.

The curious thing about the tall one is that it seems to be a toy, yet the clock part of it is a real clock!

Top shelf represent.

It's hard to take photos of this collection because all the awesomeness really cannot fit in one picture.

The other side of the top shelf.

To end with here's the cuckoo clock. We're getting used to its habits of going a bit too fast, the spruce cone weights that have to be pulled up every day and the constant noise. At first the cuckooing woke me up at night but three nights in I already slept through it without a problem. 

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