Thursday, 8 August 2013

Puffin obi again, why of course. :3

A random yukata combo. This time the otaiko variation turned a bit better in that the obi stood out like it's supposed to, but now I made the tesaki too short so it can't be seen from the drum... -.-; Well, improvement has been made and tying an obi is all about repetition. I shall keep trying!

The puffins are busily bringing up their young now. In about a month they'll leave Iceland,at which point I'll probably retire this obi for the year, so that's why I'm trying to wear it as often as I can while I still can.

Detail shot of the front - if my friend M saw this she'd probably find my choice of "obiage" somewhat amusing. :D

It's somehow REALLY difficult to try to take a mirror shot of your back. Does anyone have any tips on how to do this without 100000000000000000000 failed tries? ^^;

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