Friday, 23 August 2013

Lolita coords based on national dresses.

A while ago egl had a patriotic theme - I guess it was in celebration of the month of July. One suggestion by them was to come up with coords based on traditional clothes of your home country, which of course sounded really interesting to me to I got to work right away. I have two home countries now though so I tried to represent them both.

The first one is based on Häme dress of Finland. Häme is where I've been born and where most of my family is from, so it felt like the most obvious choice.

Polka! I mean rundown:

Skirt + vest: Bodyline
Shirt: Rose Melody
Head ribbon: borrowed from my Aino dress, worn improperly though (check the link for the correct way of wearing a Finnish national dress ribbon)
All else: offbrand

Then to the Icelandic inspired ones. This one takes its influence from faldbúningur (coincidentally my favourite kind of an Icelandic national dress: type one and type two.

Dress: Dear Celine
Skirt: selfmade
Shirt: Miho Matsuda
Belt: borrowed from my Aino dress.
All else: off-brand, selfmade and vintage

The third attempt is loosely based on peysuföt and skautbúningur respectively.

Dress: selfmade
Skirt: made by shamp
Shirt: Rose Melody
All else: off-brand

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