Thursday, 22 August 2013

A random collection of hitherto unposted kitsuke.

I've somehow managed to gather a collection of kitsuke photos from this summer that I haven't posted, so how about I'll just slap them all into one blog post rather than clog your blogger feeds by making separate posts each? Nothing special here - I have very few summer items so coording them means you'll see the same items over and over again (on the other hand it's always fun to try to coord the items in a new way so that it makes me feel I'm wearing a fresh, new outfit). :Þ

Having some fun accessorizing this otherwise plain yukata + green obi combo...

Not very visible, but I'm wearing that white + yellow polka-dots han-eri with it.

A more toned-down look.

Front detail shot.

Another simple look, regardless of the messy kitsuke I like this coord a lot.

Dun dun duuunnn - pink leopard pattern han-eri!

This is a kitsuke I put together for a summer kitsuke competition! I did not win - nowhere near - but then again it looks kind of non-summery, now that I look at it... plus I'm beginning to see lots of things I'd rather do differently.

I want some summer weather please! For inspiration purposes! XO

Front details. I love this han-eri but it's difficult to coord so that it doesn't steal all attention from the rest of the outfit.

Yukata + puffin obi. This may be my most worn combo of the whole summer. :D

As for my most worn item, I think those lace socks would be it. :D

Detail shot.

I'm eyeing another kitsuke competition at the moment, but I'm not sure if I actually have anything to send there... now the theme is free style which, although it sounds easy, kind of makes me re-think every single idea I get. Is this good enough - is it worth sending in - should it be more summer-y, since it's August and so on and so on. Can I wear the puffin obi since self-made kimono/obi are not allowed in the competition and does self-embroidered even count as self-made? Maybe I'll just wait until the autumn competitions instead...

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