Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Puffin obi, two kitsuke.

The little puffling called Hope that I've been following via a live cam all summer is expected to fledge soon. To celebrate, I'm not wearing the puffin obi to the max. I'm going to retire it for the summer once the puffins are gone so it's now or never. :3

This kimono is too short for me, so I've given up even trying to wear it as long as it can be. In fact I'm thinking of taking Strawberry Kimono's example and just wear it short but pair it with great shoes. I can manage a tiny ohashori (hidden under the obi here) but I might as well make it a decent size, it is a komon kimono after all and therefore more flexible on how it's worn.

Back, without the hat so that gratuitously large pile of roses gets some attention. :D

Here's my other summer kimono (I have two hitoe because Iceland is so cold that there's hardly ever need for more). Also paired with the puffin obi and with a han-eri that I last wore in the early spring - time to bring it back methinks.


My greatest enemy aaaaaaaaaa

(It's a wasp. At least I thought it was when I heard it.)

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