Monday, 9 September 2013

Just add some lace and a fish.

Another kitsuke with the same kimono as the previous one, now with one touch more formal obi. And a formal salmon, oh yes. An important part of any kitsuke is a proper salmon!

(In other words this is the kitsuke I partook with in a Freestyle Kitsuke competition; did not win but seeing the winner I really had no chance!)


Front detail shot.


  1. I love lace collar with kimono. Very elegant. And the fish, of course.

    Muted red lipstick suits you wonderfully!

    1. I choose my fish based on their elegance, true thing no lie. :3 Lace collars are a really wonderful idea indeed, much gratitude to whoever came up with the idea in the first place!

      Maybe I should start using lipstick more often...

  2. Ooh, gotta love the fish O__O.
    Lovely outfit again, and must say that the braidthingwhatsitcalled suits this very well!

    1. The fish says he's v. flattered. :3
      And thank you! Although I'm not entirely sure which part you mean. :D