Sunday, 22 September 2013

At the Botanical Garden.

We all met at the Botanical Garden. It was an amazingly beautiful day (especially in comparison to the rest of the week) although a bit cold, and the cafe was chock full of wasps. They mostly buzzed around these flowers that were in full bloom though.

Well, occasionally they attacked our tea and soda, which made the whole frilly group scatter in screams - with the exception of F who just calmly stared them down. I have no idea how she does it.

S - once again I'm reminded how much I actually love RHs. They were The Wanted Item in the first years lolita came to Finland and although I never bought myself a pair I always admired them from afar. Headdresses are another point of nostalgia, so all in all a really beautiful old school coord!

A-G and that dress of hers looks way better on her than me. Something about her long legs vs. my long back I assume.

F, I forgot to take a photo while she was out of her coat but the coat itself is totally cute too! I had to crop her photo a little because A-G was sitting in the back (where you can still see her blue sleeve) and had quite a funny look on her face. :D

And me - aaaah on a hindsight I think this looks a bit too much like Raggedy-Ann. Oh well, sometimes the coords fail. :S

Anyway, it was a fun day!

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