Saturday, 26 October 2013

Kimono, another and a third.

Some kimonoing also happened and because of the oddity-hum weather they're a bit unusual in combination. Like this one, a hitoe over a winter juban topped with a haori. It was a cold day but the sunshine was warm and that was behind the thought process that went into doing this. Also the fact that The purple went nicely with the orange obi, giving me an early autumn feeling.

An example of me same-posing again. I cannot escape my fate.

Btw have I mentioned I really love that haori? I have? Have I not? I really love it! Ok there.

Same obi, different kimono (this time awase). Also a very, very different weather in case you couldn't tell. :D Iceland trolls its inhabitants daily with some new and unheard-of weather related phenomena, 20cm of snow in early October probably is still on the more positive side of the scale.

Actually I'm almost sure of it because random freak storms also exist. One moment you're walking along minding your own business, turn a corner and WHOOSH WEATHER LIKE WALKING INTO A CAR WASH HELLO.


Lastly but definitely not leastly, have a puffin kitsuke. :3 This is also an awase kimono with unusually long sleeves. They're not furisode length but definitely longer than in a typical komon kimono.

There's so much going on in it that I can't even keep up with it despite of having done and put it together all by myself.

Detail shots: back -

- and front. Do notice my newest han-eri. :3

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