Thursday, 24 October 2013

One week randomness.

I finally got to uploading the contents of my camera and according to it my life is rather strange. Chaotic, but pleasant. The above sign is from the door of the downstairs bathroom at the cafe/restaurant Babalú. You want to visit the place - you do! If not for their amazing downstairs bathroom then for the excellent coffee and paninis. :3

But really, visiting the place just to see the bathroom is also a legitimate reason. I would not judge you for it.

I admit the interior makes peeing difficult because all your concentration is roaming the surroundings and then suddenly you notice you've been sitting on the loo for who knows how long, not peeing.

A cake that I found on the large fridge downstairs. It says either "Live slow whenever" or possibly "Live slow die whenever", all depending on the smudged part in the middle. I did not make this cake and I assume Snu's mother didn't either but finding it really made my day!

I began a kimono scavenger hunt but then I realized that there's no way I'll ever have the time to complete it. This one was "dress up in kimono blindfolded and take a photo of the results". :D

Of course there was some lolying as well. 

A sign of either me being a total hack in survival skills or that I overdo fun things. Like knitting. Seriously, I have never heard of anyone knitting blisters to their fingers asjdalfjalsjfaljsfhaæ.

My only excuse is that I seriously do love knitting and that it even took me a long while to notice something was amiss. Spiderman band aids for the win though.

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