Friday, 29 November 2013

More wa, but damn the lack of light!

Iceland's currently entered that time of the year when if you're quick and lucky you may see a wink of sunlight once a day. Sadly by the time I went to take photos there was none of it left and therefore I had to make do with what little electric light I had, and it was nowhere near enough.

Anyway. Nothing special and somewhat grainy, just the newest wa-loli outfit. I'm thinking of making a coat in the style because it would be a lot easier than the folding that goes into making a kimono short enough for the style. Still, it has its good points, like being nice and warm.

Close-up of the front. :3


  1. Ihanaa ihanaa! Wa sopii sinulle upeasti ja toteutuksesi on aina mahtavaa.

    1. Kiitosta! Pitäisikin taas ommella ihan vartavasten tarkoitusta varten mekko eikä aina vain viikkailla kimonoita oikeaan pituuteen... ^^