Monday, 2 December 2013

Some kitsuke again

A while ago I was going to partake in another kimono competition that was titled "Nostalgia". The theme was to put together a coord with items that are for some reason nostalgic to you, and so I did - and then totally forgot to send in my photos... Well, now that the competition is over anyway I'll just plop them here because putting on a furisode is no joking matter, especially if you have to do it alone.

I bought it originally (with the gracious help of the SO who can stay awake later than I) for cosplay purposes: we did a Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei group cos at the London Expo some years ago and I was Itoshiki Rin. The fukuro-obi has nostalgia value as the weirdest fleamarket find ever. The sellers didn't know it was an obi but thought it a weirdly long tablecloth instead...

This kitsuke was put together just to try out a new musubi. I've been seeing it done before and it's really, really cute so when I finally found out how to tie it I had to try immediately. My headscarf is self-crochetted and has a cute skull pattern on it, but more about that later on...

Here's a better look at that musubi.

Another one built around one specific item, this time my new haori. It's so long! I love the colour and the pattern, although simple, is really bold and showy so I wanted to make an otherwise toned down coord for it.

From the back and a better look at the pattern. The SO calls them pixels. :D

Just for reference, the outfit underneath looked like this: my favourite kimono for autumn + the daruma obi.

More daruma! It's the second obi I ever bought, come to think of it (that fukuro obi was my first).

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