Thursday, 26 December 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: New Year's Resolutions for Lolita Fashion in 2014

Actually I have only one resolution for this Lolita Blog Carnival's theme:

Sew more

Almost all of the things that I wear the most are self-made. Btw this is not to say that the self-made items were my favourites (my dream dresses get sadly little action because I habitually "save them for a special day"), rather that they're made to fit the grand majority of my wardrobe and are therefore the easiest to mix and match. Besides they're also the ones I worry the least about - the above skirt for example has survived a trek through a lupin field and if you've ever got lupin pollen on your clothes you know it's no laughing matter. 

Besides self-made items are what I began with, back in the early years of lolita when the only way of getting actual burando was by online auctions (some of which would not even ship abroad and turned you down after winning), buying second hand or Meta - Metamorphose has always been a bit ahead of the times in this regard that they actually did cater to the world outside of Japan as well. The typical way of getting your loli on was therefore by making it yourself. I still have a special kind of love for seamstress lolitas because ladies, you're made of awesome and your clothes are one-of-a-kind.

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