Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Visiting Silent Hill.

I began to play MapCrunch for the hell of it and it landed me straight into the weirdest, creepiest place imaginable. Rules of playing MapCrunch for those that don't know them: go to MapCrunch, make sure you unselect every country, hit Go -button and see where you end up. Once there move around until you find an airport. Googling etc. strictly forbidden!

Sorry about the images stretching all across my layout, I don't usually post images quite this wide but any smaller size doesn't really show the whole weirdness well enough.

O... k... not creepy at all. The grey weather adds up to the awful feeling. But hey every country has torn apart houses here and there, Reykjavík City Centre has them too (and a quite impressive albeit hazardous collection if I may say so).

But wait, the whole village/town is like this. Shacks, rusted iron, ruins, broken windows. It looks as if it had been abandoned in a haste.

Not a soul was in sight, and what's even creepier not a single car. I'd be willing to believe this is a dead village abandoned ages ago if it weren't for the gardens. This one seems to grow grapes or something else that needs that sort of support, and at least it shows signs of human activity that the gardens were clean, ornamental plants well trimmed etc.

Is this a church? Idk really. I did see one graveyard but that, too looked a bit shabby... thought I saw some bright colour among the headstones though so could be that there's fresh flowers there.

Finally a road sign! Now if I only could read the Cyrillic alphabet...

Ok for some reason this was happening a lot: random blur-outs in places where there was nothing special to blur. Prolly just a bug but combined with the increasingly creepy feeling I jumped a little every time I saw something, f.ex. a roadside bush blurred. I mean who am I to say there was no face there...

More ruins. Shame too, it looks like it's once been quite a beautiful building.

Another road sign that tells me absolutely nothing at all. Then again even the locals, if they exist, might be somewhat agreeing seeing how it's half rusted away.

OK FINALLY. A sign I can read. I quit my MapCrunch soon after and just googled Malko Sharkovo. Turns out I was in rural Bulgaria the whole time and google even insists there indeed are people living in this area. Must have been a quiet time of the day when the cam cars were touring the place...

I've played MapCrunch several times before, once even ending up almost to my own summer cottage, but this time really took the cake. Seriously creepy, I'm so glad I wasn't playing this at night as I usually do!

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