Saturday, 11 January 2014

Hair report #1.

Here's the Less Shampoo hair diary I promised in the previous hair care post, so in case you missed that one and are wondering wtf is going on, go check this post. :) All photos can be clicked larger.

In a nutshell the current situation is that I wash my hair every fourth day at the moment, every other time with baking soda + mildly acidic rinse. At the start of this diary I had just shampooed my hair, though, and the first two photos are of my freshly clean hair.

Side view. I look awful in side view, the black ovals are there for vanity reasons. :D

This also gives a good idea of what my hair is naturally like: thin, brittle, easily electric, slippery (in the sense that it won't stay in any form except for the natural one seen above) and falls down so close to my scalp that the next step closer would need to include some glue. This is likely also one of the reasons it gets greasy so fast.

First day feels: yay, clean hair!


Second day, no hint of oil yet. As you can see by the dress it's the day I put together my Lolita Carnival coord. If you're now wondering why my hair looks so different, do not, I have a fake fringe (love it!) and I'm trying to grow out my own.

The back looks good as well. Compare to the first photo of the backside.

By the way, when I said my hair lays sort of close to my scalp I wasn't exaggerating. 

Second day feels: still clean.


Third day, I'm a moron and should have brushed my hair before taking photos, especially since I just came in from the outside. Those on the side are tangles, not dirt (in any case the grease tends to begin at the top).

Apologies for the spotty mirror. I took all the photos in the same bathroom because it has one of those fitting room lights, you know, those awful ones that make you look five times uglier than your worst nightmares. Never understood the logic behind that, making sure customers will look their worst in the store's clothes - anyway, digressing again:

greasy roots, definitely. Problem still contained near the scalp though and not painfully obvious.

Third day hair feels: meh, it's ok, gotta wash soon.


Fourth day: YIKES. That's just gross. I have to say though that before I began this experiment my hair looked like this every other day if I didn't wash it the previous day.

Obvious oily clumps sticking to my scalp. D: By the way if you ever come across a no poo blogger who suggests you first go cold turkey on shampoo and then wear your hair in a braid to hide the greasiness, sorry but it won't necessarily work. If your hair's the same type as mine the only way of hiding it at this point would be a head scarf.

After taking these photos it was time to baking soda the offender, and soon... was clean again. Still the fourth day.

Awww yissssss no more sticking.

Fourth day feels: errrr washing it right away, yayyyy clean again!

So far the experiment seems to be working for me so I'm going to keep it up. If it seems like my hair won't need that wash every fourth day it'll be every fifth day and so forth, if it looks like it needs an earlier wash then that's what it gets. At the moment I'm really interested in that honey recipe of the previous entry so next time I'll try that and post you the results, whether it's better or worse than the baking soda option in my opinion or in the opinion of my hair. See you soon!


  1. Thank you so much for this really clear and informative photo shoot!!! :D Wow, I'm really following you now, I want long beautiful and strong hair tooooo XD I have the same hair type as you, fine Nordic.... LOL

    1. Oh, yes, whenever people speak of fine Nordic hair I always go "yeah it's fine but not fine", definitely fine as thin but not so fine as great...

      I'll try to keep documenting the process in the future as well with everything new that might pop up. One of the worst things about generic "no poo" posts is that they're full of optimism and either leave out or sugarcoat the bad parts, so I suppose the next hair care post will be about "The Things They Don't Tell You". :D

  2. Ihana, rakastan tätä projektia! Itsekin olen jo jonkin aikaa pyrkinyt välttämään liikaa hiustenpesua- joka kolmas tai neljäs päivä on tässä vaiheessa hyvä. Pyrin siihen, että kerran viikossa riittäisi...Mistä tuo teko-otsis on? Yritän itsekin kasvattaa, mutta en löytänyt niitä mistään muualta kuin Glitteristä, ja vain mustina ja vaaleina. :D

    1. Niinpä, hiukset näyttävät rasvoittuvan aivan niin nopeasti kuin niitä pesee. Ehkä jo ensi kuussa pääsisin tuohon kerran viikossa -vauhtiin minäkin...

      Mun otsis on valitettavasti Japaniantuliainen: ystävä oli siellä vaihdossa ja osti otsiksen, jonka arvioi olevan mahdollisimman lähellä mun omien hiusteni väriä. Hyvin osui! :3