Thursday, 2 January 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: 2014 Trends I Predict

Today's theme on Lolita Blog Carnival is the oncoming lolita fashion trends. I admit I'm not very good at predicting trends, but here's some that I think could potentially or hopefully happen.

Rectangular headdress making a comeback

And not only the narrow Mary Magdalene-esque ones that have always been more or less timeless, even in times when the rectangular headdress had almost completely fallen out of favour. I'm basing this thought on the recent years' popularity of half bonnets and how they at first grew to amazing heights before returning to something of a more feasible size. I'm actually kind of missing the dramatic, BOBHUGE ones but people rarely pull them off well, which is why I kind of understand the trend turning to something more toned down.

Besides this I'm seeing more and more velvet coords and no longer only in gothic lolita - the jewel tones are making a steady success in classic lolita as well. A well made headdress suits this look nicely -

- but then we've come to what made the rectangular dress fall out of favour in the first place, that so few of them are actually well made. So this prediction should actually be taken as "if some talented seamstress begins to make them in high quality they have a good chance of coming back", or maybe even "I love them rectangular headdresses so pls bring them back" if we're 100% ruthless about it...

Although to be honest I do love the thin ones as well.


Qi-lolita gaining more interest

This I've seen happen more and more on Tumblr blogs and no wonder, qi-lolita at its best is breathtakingly beautiful! Ok, this was my only argument, have pictures.


Apron skirts

They've been coming back via mori style for a while now so it may be just a matter of time until the lolita style picks them up as well. Hopefully sooner than later, apron skirts are beautiful, carefree, comfortable and suit various body types. They can double as light jackets on a cool day, they can be removed when going indoors etc. etc. the possibilities are endless!


Puffin lolita


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  1. I agree that Qi Lolita should get more attention. Those examples you've chosen are so beautiful, especially the first one. (with the yellow flowers and blue background plus the one below it is pretty too). Hopefully, your prediction will turn out to be true. Also, on another of your trend predictions, I would love to see more aprons in Lolita, they are so versatile! Plus, puffins! XD


    Lady Lavender's Expressions

    1. Much agreed on the colours of the first one - they're really bold yet not garish. The funny thing is that up until now the style itself hasn't really grabbed my attention at all because like the comment below me says, it's rarely done well - but when it is it's amazing! For sure I couldn't pull it off but I'm 100% ready to fangirl it on others.

      Let's not even get started on how much I love aprons. Not the costume-y, cheap kind though, I'm talking more about aprons like these:

      And indeed, puffins! :3

  2. To be honest, I've never seen Qi Lolita done right. It's a good idea but it doesn't work for me at all.

    And awww... Puffins!

    1. It's true, it has so far been somewhat uninteresting and the selection of dresses has been small. I see the above dresses as a huge change to that, though, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the style will develop. ^^

      (Puffins on my dress yes please.)

  3. I never knew that puffin lolita was a thing I wanted, but BY THE GODS I WANT IT