Sunday, 23 February 2014

Meet-up at Babalú.

One big problem of hosting meet-ups in Iceland is the lack of cafes that are large enough to host a meet-up group. We were lucky with Babalú's upstairs this time, fitting the whole group in albeit a bit tightly. Taking photos was another problem because there were so many other people there that we couldn't use the insides of the cafe itself without inconveniencing the other customers, but thankfully Babalú also has a terrace. It's currently full of winter decorations (?) just lying around there but we managed to find a less cluttered corner. 

The newest addition to the group, Miss Á!

Le Marty.

A Sig.

IDK what this one is.

EmixLea gyaru represent!

F being effortlessly perfect in every photo despite the coldness and the wind. Btw the wind was quite strong and resulted in lots of failed photos because people's clothes and hair got thoroughly blown around.

The whole group, thank yous to the awesome barista who took the photo for us. ^^

And then we stopped acting normally and entered full dumbass mode. :D

You two managed to do this almost identical moving-at-the-wrong-moment thing a lot. :D

And then there's these two.

...I thought the speech bubble was necessary. 

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