Friday, 21 February 2014

Something in Your Life That You've Lolita-fied.

Today's Lolita Blog Carnival post makes me so nostalgic I don't even. Because.

I admit it's nothing impressive - I simply took a pair of white Dinsko pumps and added a string of pearls and heart shaped beads each. It was a quick mod and even at the time I didn't think much of it because I thought it would not be permanent, that I would get myself another pair of white shoes that would go with lolita and eventually take the pearls out. The whole reason for this mod, in all simplicity, was that I was going to attend a lolita meet-up and being a beginner, had no shoes that would have been suitable. We're talking about the ~*oldskool*~ era here, the shoes deemed acceptable were clunky and childish, so on their own this pair would not have passed. Yet once I did find my perfect white lolita shoes I never once stopped using these ones either.

A closer look at the pearls. I was somehow smart enough to use strong silk thread for attaching them so to the day the pearl chains have never once broken.

I say "to this day" because damn son these shoes are OLD. I'm saying more than six years, possibly seven, and in regular use ever since I added the pearls. They're very comfortable for walking, sturdy and that simple little modification made a world of difference for me. These shoes are perhaps my oldest and most trusted item aside of one petticoat that's never deflated in all my lolita wearing, and when I moved to Iceland they both were among the first things to pack.

Just in case it wasn't already 100% certain, here's some pics from the way back machine:


Lol, not worn but they're definitely in the picture anyway. :D

Shoes debuting in Iceland.

Whoah, that's... years and years of use! I mean the first of those pictures date back to at least 2006! As a fun coincidence you can see my trusted petticoat in those ones as well - it was made to be presentable even if it peeked out so sometimes I've used it simply as an underskirt. All dresses made by me except the pink duck print one (4th row) which is made by Hui Lai Lee.

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