Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A new boystyle/lolita set.

What have I been up to recently? Well, this. If it looks familiar it's entirely possible that I was somewhat influenced by Dear Celine but hey, summer's on its way, a girl needs something new. :Þ

Backside. I know what I'm wearing for the next meet-up!

I haven't, however, decided whether I'd wear it as a boy- or a girlstyle, because one of the main points behind making this set was that it could be used for multiple styles.

Whenever I need to take photos it always gets windy immediately... if you thought I'm holding my hats for pose-related reasons you're, alas, wrong. I wonder how the Icelandic ladies of yore managed to wear hats outdoors back when etiquette still demanded it, are you supposed to pin them into the hairdo or what? 

Anyway, to the details to better explain the whole thing. This is a three-piece set consisting of trousers, short vest and a middle piece that probably has a better name but lacking the vocabulary to properly describe it its name shall now be butt ruffle.

Vest. I found that pink leopard lining by accident and could not stop myself. :D

The buttoning takes some influence from the Icelandic national dress.

Breast pockets are real. Just in case I need to carry something smaller than a field mouse.

Butt ruffle, the simplest part of the whole thing! It really is just a button-on half skirt.

Detail of butt ruffle.

Waist detail of the same. Yup, I hand-sew button holes, I like doing that.

The trou. Lost of bagginess = love, these are seriously comfy to wear!

Waist and belt details, belt only has one hole so I better not fatten too much. :Þ

Leg... cuff? What are these things called?

And a belt loop detail, just because. :3


  1. Hairpins! Very simple, very smart and very civilised. But they do require a hairdo which is somehow tied or plaited, open hair & pin not compatible.

    1. Hatpin maybe? I should really get one, or make some, I'd love to wear my hats outdoors without having to constantly hold onto them. :P