Saturday, 19 April 2014

Searches that have lead to my blog part 2.

 Hay remember that one time when I made an entry on what searches lead people to my blog? Time for another one because seriously, Dear Random Visitors, sometimes you make me wonder about life and its meaning.

Here's the searches of this week!

Wa lolita/kimono lolita: well, there's that tag on the side. Note though that the use of a kimono in wa lolita is entirely voluntary and not necessary in the least.

Breiðholt Iceland to bubble tea cafe: YES DO IT. I mean sorry, the bubble tea cafe is not in Bholt but downtown Reykjavík on a street called Laugavegur. Start at the bus station called Hlemmur and walk towards the City Centre (Rvík is tiny, walking from H to CC takes abt 20 min) on the left side of the road. You'll not fail to see it. The bubble teas are delicious and so are the crepes. :3

Kakkugalleria: YES DO IT. Just remember you have to go to Finland to do it. Try the cake buffet I triple-dog-dare you.

Musubi knot kimono tutorial: sorry, I got none. But hey how about I link you to some of my own favourite musubi tutorials instead?

* Kaino kuchi musubi (very elegant)
* Kamifusen musubi part 1 and 2 (playful, super cute!)
Karuta musubi (excellent yukata choice)

One note though: I mostly wear informal kimono or yukata, to which these knots are all suitable. For a formal kimono style you'll have to look elsewhere. A furisode has a trillionbillion different options for the obi to be tied whereas all grown-up formal styles should wear otaiko musubi (which by the way suits informal styles as well).

Tying a scarf around your head cult...:  whoa, three dots mean the search term was longer than fit the field. Please say you didn't write cultural appropriation. Say it ain't so. Doubting people is a bad habit but let's just assume it was the fearsome CA and not f.ex. "cults", "culture" or "Cultus Lake".

Before anyone attacks me on tying a scarf around my head, which I do on occasion, I invite you to look at exhibit A) the national dresses from the area in Finland that I'm from, B) my ancient Finnish dress, again for a grown woman instead of a girl (girls typically wear silk ribbons around their head and show their hair, and most often when you see photos of Finnish national dresses the models wear ribbons regardless of age and/or marital status, which imo is a big mistake since the veils are lovely and elegant) and C) the typical, traditional clothing of a Finnish woman. The example is from the late 1800's but in my childhood in the 1980's a headscarf that covered your hair completely was not an unusual sight, especially on older women. Younger women wore scarves too but usually only during winter - I had a winter headscarf too, a heavy, woolen one.

TL;DR: headscarves are quite an international thing actually.

Annnd then the searches of this month. You won't get yearly searches this time, there's way too much Pamela Anderson there for my sanity.

Wa/kimono: check above.

Dark green: ? Er, good luck I guess... (seriously how did that term lead here I do not understand)

Patrick Woodroffe: YES DO SEE HIS WORK.

Puppet Circus dress: alas I do not own a PC dress and double the alas, if I did I wouldn't be able to squeeze myself into it. I own one replica dress - can be seen here - and one authentic PC skirt - the rose one in the same entry.

Audrey Tautou Un long dimance de...: I liked the movie but Amelié was better. :Þ

Bodyline yukata: generally a disaster spelled in two words.

Bubble tea cafe: nom nom nom.

Checker: wat. Ok.


  1. Omfg, your note about Bodyline yukata killed me!!

    1. Sad fact: BL has only one yukata set that I'd consider ok-ish if modified.
      Sadder fact: it's not the one people usually buy from them.

      It's just the typical BL curse at work again, either their wares are awesome value for your money or itamus maximus galore, there is no middle ground.