Thursday, 17 April 2014

Cosplay bowling.

Like the title says, yesterday we went bowling, some of us in full cosplay! Iceland is a great country for looking weird in public by the way - no one even commented anything (although we did obviously get lots of stares). Anyway, to the photographic proof that this indeed did happen. :D

Some people have goals in life, some people have priorities...

Another excellent thing about Iceland - the scenery. Just point your camera some random direction, there's gonna be something epic in the background.

So we went in and got to bowling, and I thought I'd get some good photos there. You know, serious ones. Let's not talk about how much I love bowling, or how I'm a weakling and a total loser at the game because the first would result in a wall of tealdeer and the latter would be just depressing. To the cosplays!

Ok but you know what? It doesn't happen, not when bowling. There's just something, idk, a touch of ridic that always happens right the moment when you let go of the bowling ball. :D Lemme show you the best ones I caught:

I'm pretty sure joints should not bend like that.

Or that. I've no idea which leg is which. :D

Dis guna b guuud...

I have a keikaku.


This belt was quite awesome in my opinion. Apologies, I only realized at the photo editing part that it's upside-down (would have mentioned it to you earlier if I had seen it)...

Evil scheme to take over the world or just attempting to take a bite out of the bowling ball? It is a mystery.

Gotta say though that we have a winner in "bowling with style".


 That ol' razzle dazzle -

Ending this post with this photo. Because I can. :D


  1. I wish I could eat that bowling ball

  2. This was a lot of fun and just lovely all together. Miss you guys already!

  3. Arni: I'm p sure they aren't hygienic.
    Anna: we gotta go again some time! I'll wear better shoes and then I totally want to go see those weird stone pits.