Saturday, 3 May 2014

Free Comic Book day at Nexus, 2014.

Every year a local get-your-comic-needs-here joint Nexus hosts a free comic book day. Like the name suggests they hand out free comics, which makes this a wildly popular thing. The earliest were queuing there hours before they even opened!

I arrived a bit after the opening. This was the queue that was patiently waiting for their turn to enter the white tent on the left.

Lol!pun: ókeypis means "free of charge", ókei piss is just "ok pee". They're pronounced exactly the same.

The weather was... typical.

I FOUND A FRAND person I know. :3

But wait! I made that hairpin! :O

Possibly the only person who was properly dressed for the weather and I'm not talking about the Guy Fawkes -mask. Btw I would have made some serious questions if no one had shown up with that mask.

Queue again, this time seen from the other direction.

Then the other end of it. I wasn't queuing for comics myself so I was allowed to walk past the queue with my camera in hand, to take photos of the insides of the tent. It was also welcome variation to standing in the rain in full loli gear.


I am thoroughly impressed by this.

Also this.

Inside the tent a lot of this was happening.

O hey remember that weather picture? Poison Ivy here is our latest installment to THE COLD NEVER BOTHERED ME ANYWAY

It payed well in the end! We were hanging out indoors after getting interviewed by a reporter of Grapewine and Poison Ivy here wooed a staff member? Owner? Of the palce so thoroughly he gave her this one for free - it's a hardpack Batman comic unlike the ones given to people for free, damn me for not checking the name of it!

Admin represent!

The cutest one til last: I've been a Star Wars fan since I don't remember when and this is parenting done right!

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