Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Beautiful summer days, a new kimono!

Look at the evil gleam in its tiny eyes. Is it drooling? O_O

Anyway, I sat by the pond while waiting for the SO and this little fella immediately got interested in me. Sorry friend, I have no bread crumbs!

It was such a beautiful day too. I love this one area downtown with its large, old-fashioned houses and narrow roads and walkways. I wouldn't exactly want to live there - the houses are so large that me + my sadly careless and lazy housekeeping ability would never keep them in condition. Btw this blue and white building is a motel/bed&breakfast if I don't remember wrong.

This marks the hotel Hilda. I'm just sad it's broken so thoroughly, it's hard to say what kind of a scene it used to portray... a small-ish boat and... what?

That has to be the tiniest (and happiest) wall-peepee of Reykjavík. XD 

And! I finally got my newest kimono + obi + obiage! Of course I had to immediately try it on and in two different kitsuke. Don't expect anything fancy though, this is just me boinking around in the garden to try on colour combos. :D

This is the obi + obiage, before we get to the kitsuke photos. That obi is super cute! It might actually be a little too cute for my age but I'll find a way of wearing it anyway because I'm a little bit in love with it. Maybe I'll dress up some of my younger friends, then I could definitely use it!

It's hard to photograph but the obiage has a gradient colour, making it very versatile in usage. It also has a pattern that I didn't even pay attention to when I bought it, which is charming.

Ok then... time for some side-by-side comparisons. Hahaha I pose almost identically in both! Should probably think up some new poses, actually, I have a bad case of always-poses-the-same-way. 

The kimono is lovely and (as you may have heard before) stripes are my one great weakness. I kept eyeing it on Japanese Art & Design* for ages, going between the "want it but don't exactly need it" until a friend said something dangerous:

"It has a Moomin-like feel to it."

BAM my prudence was gone. 

By the way, it's always so difficult taking kimono photos outdoors. Indoors is too dim though, so I don't exactly have many choices, and when I go out I can select between two options if I'm taking the photos with a self-timer: the garden or the wall beside the door. The wall is somewhat ugly and plain as a backdrop, but the garden...
...is windy.

I'm not trying to show my ankle in that one picture, I'm hearing the wind pick up on the side. :D There's a hedge that separates our backyard from the neighbour's and it makes a really obvious hhhhhssssSSSSSHHHHHH-noise when an air blast is on its way.

Just so if you wondered why I always look like I'm holding my clothes together as I pose. I'm really doing that.

Time for front details! First the warmer colour combo tied in a more relaxed style...

Then the stark one tied sharper, and the hattifattener obidome that had to be included in this for obvious reasons.

* I can warmly recommend Japanese Art & Design (also known as Japanese Antiques) for buying second-hand kimono and kimono accessories. They have a very good quality/price range, ship immediately and are very pleasant to deal with. It says something that their feedback is almost entirely positive, and that the negative feedback has been left by two customers only (one of them spammed the hell out of their feedback after buying over a hundred items, most of which were on the cheap end of the scale). Keep in mind that if an item costs close to nothing there's a reason for it, look at all of the detail shots before deciding on whether you want to buy the item. Regardless, their feedback is still 99,7% positive and that's also for a reason.

This shop is one of the sellers that lists a very thorough photographic evidence of possible damage so you really do get to see what you're buying. Here's a good example of how they list their items: a  light blue iromuji: damage is mentioned and photographed, also damage that won't be seen at all when wearing the item. The exact colour is shown as closely as possible as well.

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