Thursday, 29 May 2014

Sunny day coord.

Yesterday the sun randomly appeared despite the weather forecast claiming it should be cloudy and mildly rainy instead. There's something about sunshine that really prompts me to put together a coord even if I don't have a real reason to. Works around the year although for obvious reasons it happens most often during the summer.

My wardrobe has also been changed accordingly: summer is not only for lighter materials, it's for lighter colours as well. Light blue, white, light green, pale yellow and even pink although I don't usually wear pink that much.

Whoooshhhh! Sometimes the wind gets at me even if I try to stand in the shelter of two walls. :D Hmmm, I don't usually go for the cupcake shape (I much prefer A-line for myself) but it might actually work quite well with this skirt.

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