Thursday, 29 May 2014

Then there was a mini photoshoot.

Still remember this set? A while ago we went to the statue garden of Einar Jónsson. It's located right next to Hallgrímskirkja and the garden side is free entrance, in case you'd like to see some pretty mindblowing sculptures.

(Posting twice in a day, I'm living the fast life!)

And then for some lol-wat -shots because they always happen in photoshoots and it would be a shame to leave them out. :D

Wtf perspective trick? I've no idea what I was doing with my arm there because that's one super awkward pose. Maybe I was actually going for this effect but somehow managed to forget about it? :D?

Man, talk about super over-the-top dramatic poses... uh, meet your Captain Finlandia, now with typical comic book heroine triple-twist back-breaking (one day I'll get you a front view of both the butt and the boobs in one shot, I can do it if I train long enough) pose!


  1. Oh wow these are awesome photos :)

    1. All credit goes to the SO for that - when he's taking the photos the only thing that can go wrong is the model. :D Thank you!