Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Crown fit for a king of the garden.

Today I decided to finally weed the lawn of at least some of the dandelions on it because they're now in full bloom, and when dandelions bloom your time is running out. If you let them get to seed you'll soon have no lawn and all dandelion, and though it's always more or less a wasted effort I plucked out as many as I could. What to do with the flowers then? Well - a crown of course.

They weren't quite enough for one that would have been properly my size but no worries, I found more candidates who wore it better. 

Jury's comments: 

"Does she really think it even fits her big head? It's like it's floating on top!"
"I'll give it s 5/10, at least she's got a good sense of balance if she can keep it on for even a single photo..."
"Look at those bare arms, this is a disgrace! Obviously trying to sway the judges by immodest behaviour!"

"Much better, young Sir; the only problem would be your lack of socks."
"...and shoes. That is so not loli."
"Am I the only one who's concerned about how big the crown is? Sure it stays on but that doesn't mean it's the right size."

"What beauty! What posture! What amazingly flattering colour combinations!"
"I daresay we have found the winner. I vote we let him wear the crown he deserves."
"Definitely the best fit too if you ask me..."

Let the winner keep the crown though his other little garden friends might feel slighted by his glory - but who needs backstabbing friends anyway?


  1. i love dandelions so joyful flowers and they bloom just at most lively late spring season. my mom and i have to remove them from the garden though

    1. They are pretty indeed, especially when they grow in huge groups... which is exactly why it's so important to remove them from the garden because they take over SO FAST if they get the chance. But at least battling their invasion attempts can result in flower crowns.