Thursday, 29 May 2014

Meet the Icelandic lolitas!

What the hell man, a third post for the same day? Can't you, like, keep it in your pants until tomorrow or something?


Onwards! I had to kill some time and the dishes were done so I played around with a doll maker to create the Usual Suspects group of the Icelandic lolitas - there are more people in the community though, the ones here are just the ones that are always present at meet-ups and other activities. That's how I, er, know how they look and what their lolita style is. :3 

Wanna be dollmakerified too? Send me a photo of yourself in your lolita wear and I'll get to it! :D

Starting from the top is The Marty, iow the first lolita in Iceland. Or you know, the first one that's still active and in the comm. Will not wear anything that's not black, has pets that are likewise all black. Probably doesn't really wield a knife - probably. No promises.

Miss Rora, this is a nickname I just made for her because I like to keep this blog a no-real-names zone. It does sorta fit her real name though! :D

Hilarious one, lives surprisingly near me (mwa ha ha I know where she lives...), has awesome hair. Have met her only a few times so far - she's one of the newest acquisitions to the comm - but I've a feeling this one'll become one of those awesome ones. 

Twin G, she goes on the top row because she's the Evil Twin. Is actually a gyaru and not a lolita but the doll maker didn't give me many options for gyaru styles. :P An ice cream thief.

Twin S, and yeah they like wearing outfits that are almost but not exactly the same. Likewise they do their make-up and hair slightly differently. This one will punch you, the other twin will have planned it (no really these two are sort of rogue-ish).

Miss K. Likes sweet styles and REALLY likes the colour blue. Also dragons. Mildly insane never a dull moment around her, plus hanging out at her workplace is one of my favourite things, especially since she works in an ice cream shop. Yes it's all about ice cream here! And matcha latte.

Miss F, the official community mascot who gets all kinds of gothic items as gifts because of it from the others. One of my favourite models, has f.ex. pulled through several hours of wearing a furisode, which is no small feat when you're not used to wearing kimono, a full formal ensemble is both heavy and uncomfortable.

Godofmustard is another new yet loyal member, available at every single meet-up she can make it to. Quite new to the style as well but one of those naturals that pick it up almost automatically, she's better at coording than I am and I've been lolying since what, 2003. Cooks really good food but loves spices so eat carefully.

Sig, quite new to lolita but also a natural. Unpredictable: sometime I want to lock her and Miss K. in a small room with lots of sugary stuff and just watch what happens. Mostly harmless, I think.

...annnnd me, the community admin. I'm the oldie of the group, so ancient I remember the time Gloomy bear was in fashion. No really there's at least one Gloomy bear lolita apron in existence...


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  1. Holy crap you make me look so cute! >w< I hope I can become a good lolita some day and not just always steal Sig's outfits xp
    Sincerely, Rora (love that nickname!)

    1. Glad you liked it! I hope you saw what I did with the prints on the two of you's dresses... ):D