Friday, 11 July 2014

LBC: A Coord Inspired by Your Favourite Movie

My, it's been a long time since I wrote to this blog. In fact even longer since the last LBC post! Well, I'll try to get back on the tracks - there's been a short bout of weird tiredness that set in after the graduation but I'm slowly getting the hang of life again so let's do something about this blog for starters.

The theme was kinda difficult this time. Not only because I have so many favourite movies from which to choose from but also because how do you translate a movie to a coord? Try to look like the people in it, or somehow include the general feel of the movie in the coord? I tried the latter. And then I chose three movies instead of just one, because let's not be inhumane here. Plus of course three movies call for three different styles - idk that's how it sort of went in my head anyway - so yeah, otome, lolita and aristo.

First favourite: Valerie a týden divu. (Valerie's Week of Wonders)

(Some pretty obvious Marie Tuonetar fangirling went into this one, can you tell? I love her style more than I can express so I'm counting this coord as a small homage to her coordinating skills.)

This movie is quite... unusual. Strange, oddly melancholy, beautiful. I never quite understood it but somehow that's the core of the magic - if I somehow completely got it, every part of it, then I'm sure I wouldn't feel so charmed by it anymore.

Second favourite: Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain. (Amelie)

I could watch this movie as many times as possible and still not be tired of it. Something about the magical reality of it always gives me a weird sense of "maybe there are awesome things all around me that I'm just not paying attention to", plus it taught me the best way of eating raspberries.

Third favourite: Lumikuningatar. (Snow Queen)

A childhood trauma source right up there with Bambi! And yet no one's mother even dies in this one. Anyway, it left a huge impression on me, being perhaps the first movie I saw at a movie theatre (a small one near the city library of Lahti). Later when it was shown on television I managed to record it for further trauma.

(The trailer's unintentionally funny at times, apologies. :D)

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  1. Love the first outfit. The hat is amazing ♥
    All of them are really beautiful anyways :)

    1. The secret of amazing hats: get a good base and stick it full of roses, feathers, ribbons etc. to match each outfit. It's actually just a simple, cheapo straw hat, here decorated to extreme. :D
      Thank you for the nice comment!