Sunday, 13 July 2014

Lolita Signs

Sssooo... we were Skypeing and one bad idea lead to another and this is what happened. Note that none of us is an astrologer and that these horoscopes should not be trusted OR taken seriously. Proceed with caution!

Lolita Signs


Buy first ask questions later. Every sellers dream impulse buyer, will wreck your dreams by BIN just when you thought you'd win the auction. Will end up with a really hard-to-coord wardrobe because planning anything is seriously not among their best skills.


The one most likely to pine after that One Dress That Got Away for years to come or until they eventually track it down and buy it. Pray you're not standing in their way when that day comes. Will arrange meet-ups with super amazing menus.


Buys a dream dress. Sells dream dress two weeks later to buy a new dream dress. Sells the whole wardrobe to quit lolita, buys a new dream dress the very next day. Gets rich in process.


Do not even breathe on mah burando. In fact why are you in my room, get out. The sign least likely to lend you one of their dresses, most likely to help you find your dream dress, also most likely to troll you for shits and giggles.


The sign most likely to lend you their dresses and somehow you'll feel awesome if you can lend them a dress right back. The sign most likely to host meet-ups and/or gather a community around themselves.


No replicas pls and there's no exceptions, it's either burando all the way or something original that's tailored to perfection. The sign most likely to arrange their wardrobe by colour or brand.


Can add anything from small rocks to tea kettles to their coord and still look pristine. Most likely to give up in a bidding war just so the other one won't feel bad about losing.


Your worst enemy at bidding wars, stops at nothing after sighting their dream dress. Knows everything about everyone in the comm, including things they should by any reason not know.


Need to plan something huge for a large group of people? Include a Sagittarius and let them handle the actual planning. The one most likely to come up with a good coord with less than 5 min and 5$.


Then also include a Capricorn and let them handle the practical work or arranging things. The sign most likely to surprise-hop between styles at as short notice as given (bet you didn't know they had so much MMM hidden under all that AP).


Third meet-up dream team member, let them handle finances. The sign most likely to have all YOUR dream dresses that they somehow never wear and will definitely never sell. The best at sniffing out which dress is going to become insanely popular.


What you mean a hoarder? Surely every single rose and ribbon can at some point be useful! In fact let's see how many I can stick into one hairdo at one go, this is now a challenge! Hey look I can wear a rose on a rose!


  1. These are so perfect and spot-on! I am an absolute Taurus, but the Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces all perfectly remind me of the people in my local comm with that sign.

    This post reminds me of a short series I did aaaaages ago, designing outfits for lolitas by astrological sign. If you're curious, all of the posts are here:

    1. Man if only my blog would let me edit my comments. If only. D: Anyway -

      Hahaha all spot-onness is probably accidental, we just whipped these up by a joke (though our Skype group does have a hobby of astrology)! :D

      I loved reading your astrology coord series, in fact our comm's resident pisces would die for a coord like the one you planned. My own favourite was the libra coord but hay hat's my opposite sign and on occasion opposites do attract! :D