Monday, 28 July 2014

Närcon 2014 report 2: more cosplay!

One of the best things of Swedish language is how many words of it mean something rather... interesting in other languages. "Slut" and "fart" some to mind first but hay "elin" (= "organ" in Finnish, commonly used to mean penis) is also good. :D I swear I'm not five years old I just act that way ok?

If you see a photo of yourself feel free to use it as you like, but please credit me and include a link to the blog entry you got it from.

Not gonna lie this is one of the best Vocaloid groups I've ever seen. 


All hail the glow cloud! It's even raining animals...

Homestuck cosplay level amazing: I don't follow Homestuck myself and have no idea which troll is called what, but after some quick googling I'm going to suggest this one's Nepeta Leijon. Lemme know if I'm wrong though!

EDIT: The correct character is Meulin Leijon. Thank you for help Katrin!

Daenerys wedding dress. Again, sorry to crop the picture so narrow. ;^;

Another one of those that I don't recognize myself but was too good to let go without a photo. Please let me know if you know where these characters are from!

EDIT: from Adekan, Anri and Shiro. Thank you Moon Moon!


Ahem, Kaoru Mori is my favourite mangaka so god-tier cosplay of her characters keeps me happy for weeks. Amir Halgal and Karluk Eihon.

'Scuseme while I die. I also have vast loads of respect for these two to survive in the heat despite wearing several layers of wool. The outfits were exactly how they were in the manga, apparently even down to the underwear!

They, or at least Amir here, had also met Kaoru Mori herself when she visited Finland. She had signed the inside of Amir's hat! 

Btw all the decorations on these outfits were hand embroidered. I spend a long while admiring it. ;V;

I saw this Mankanshoku Mako only fleetingly during the daylight, but she looked just as awesome in the dark with her glowing life fibres. If you recognize yourself here and have any photos of your outfit in the daylight I'd love to include one here in this entry (if you don't mind of course, and with credit/linking as you prefer it).

Kaonashi in the night. After I took this photo and walked away he turned to stare at us for the longest time... I wish I had a daylight photo of this one as well since my camera cannot handle the dark.

Soulcalibur, Viola and Viola. :D

Naturally also Viola vs. Viola!

There was an Ivy too but she was busy repairing a glove and declined a photo because obviously no cosplayer wants photos of an outfit that's lacking an important part. But we got a stand-in for Ivy instead. :DDD
(Shout-out to said Ivy tho, your outfit was awesome!)

Daenerys with a dragon.

Ummm... again please help me out? ;^; Another one of those too good to pass ones, we even had a little chat and I took some detail shots but because I'm a moron I didn't realize there was a stain/drop of water/something-else-what that landed on the camera lens right after this picture and blurred the heck out of them details. D:

EDIT: Free! ending song Nagisa and Gou. :D Thank you Avina Lana Rose!

Vi, League of Legends. This cosplay was among last year's NCC winners and no wonder, it was really amazing to see up close. The fingers move by the way!

Ummm... help with character again? Unless of course this one is instead going for a generic youkai - but again I'm a little stumped as to which one it could be...

EDIT: from Natsume Book of Friends, thank you Katrin!

This one's more of a generic view to the convention. Crazy sunshine, crazy temperatures, we tried to slink along what little shade we could find and I still burned my nose. -.-;

Avatar group posing in one of those rare shades. I loved them!

A totally random shot from the Artist Alley because I fell a little bit in love with this piece of art here. 

A detail shot of the artist at work is a perfect way of ending the second part. Next up - third part of Närcon 2014 cosplay!


  1. I think they are cosplaying two characters from Free!'s ending song!

    1. ...whoah you're right! HOW DID I NOT SEE THAT BEFORE there's no hope for me... XD