Monday, 28 July 2014

Närcon 2014 report 3: even moar cosplay!

Third post is a-go, with yet one more pic illustrating the heat wave to begin it. Thankfully Iceland greeted us with a walk-through-a-car-wash storm as we returned, felt right at home again...

If you see a photo of yourself feel free to use it as you like, but please credit me and include a link to the blog entry you got it from.

More Vocaloid cosplay we found inside the Artist Alley.

A detail shot was a must.

An R2D2 who was apparently the only one zooming around in the sunlight without trouble.

Princess Leia slave version, sensual pose. Photo has not been edited at all, honest honest and a lock on top. :D

(After I took the photo he bid me adieu in my mother tongue and said "Hyvää yötä, Mustanaamio on hyvä Batman" = "Good night, the Phantom is a good Batman.)(I'm a fangirl now.)

Here's one that almost got away. I saw this Sue from Clover a few times but always so far away that the scorching sunlight made chasing her impossible. Then we accidentally found her in the C-building, sitting on a window sill (which was actually pretty perfect for the photos!).

Detail shot of the side view.

Back detail. I can't get over how well constructed her whole outfit was, and how her wings seemed to be attached to her back - it looked very natural!

Again, I'm a fangirl. :D

Howl and Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle. Man I love couple cosplays like these.

Re-L Mayer of Ergo Proxy. I have such weakness for this anime and this character... :333

Here's an outfit that I don't recognize and chances are it's actually not a cosplay, rather steampunk in which case it would be in the wrong entry (the fashion photos will be put in the next entry). Lemme know if you can tell me for sure!

Quite an epic Scarecrow. Loved the texture of the outfit, and that mask and glove!

Magic Man from The Adventure Time. :D

I'm certain this one's from Bioshock but I'm having trouble placing it. One of the Big Daddies? Man I should prolly just google that how about it yes indeed it IS a Big Daddy from Bioshock, Alpha Series render.


Chell from Portals, I ran after her so fast I almost tackled her by accident (augh pls all gods never let that happen)(no really, worst thing you can do to a cosplayer with awesome props: anything that might damage said awesome props). My apologies!

Side view.

Dolan pls :D

Shizuku from Hunter x Hunter, one of the NCC team so photo is from the backstage.

Close-up because holy hell that's... amazing. :D

That was it for the cosplays, next up is fashion in general and last but not least the Icelandic team's con experience report with sekrit behind the scenes photos never seen before come here buy the whole series -

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