Monday, 28 July 2014

Närcon 2014 report 5: lolitas off stage.

That's... one way of making a flower bed I suppose.

Anyways, onto more lolita and fashion!

If you see a photo of yourself feel free to use it as you like, but please credit me and include a link to the blog entry you got it from.

Starting with the gyaru. Of all con-goers they seemed the most well-adjusted to the weather, also really cute.

Sometime earlier we found out there was going to be a lolita meet-up in Närcon and asked them on FB if we could join them for a bit. We were welcomed immediately and during a rare moment of not being needed elsewhere on NCC business we sneaked into our lolitas and over to the C-house garden. Btw note the dress on the right. :3

Well, sneaked - more like wandered around not entirely sure where to go, but S had some idea of the most likely location and voila! There they were!

Sadly we had very little time, so we tried to take as many group photos as possible so we wouldn't miss anyone -

- this time arranged into somewhat matching groups -

- and then we had to say goodbye and return to work. But it's always interesting to meet lolitas of other countries!

More lolita photos, in some kind of a chronological order. Sorry for cropping you so tight, again just trying to get rid of unwanted items on both sides of the photo... -.-

This was the first time we met the Dream Holic Wigs girl! I really loved her coords!

And then suddenly.

Khal Drogo photobomb.

This is so perfect. I cannot even. But I do curse my bad quality photo.

Creepy leg shot trouser leg detail.

Detail shot.

There were so many lovely lolitas in this convention!

Seriously in love with this coord. *_*

The same ouji who was wearing all white in the group photos - this photo is actually from the next day, right before the fashion show.

Some old school is always good! Especially when it's so well-executed!

We also found people to bully more cute lolitas at the Artist Ally. :D

Of course I needed a photo of every single one of them. :3

Haha, this photo's great! :D A better look at the "maid style" coord.

Here she is again. :D How did you manage to appear in so many of my photos without me noticing I was taking your photo over and over? :DDD No complaints though, it was great to have more detailed photos of your coord.

Here's that selfmade dress that I promised a better photo of - I loved it. The coord is also flawless.

Both S and I died a happy death when we spotted this one because dream dresses etc. you know the feel.

A definite old school sweet lolita coord, a picture perfect example of how it's done well!

More awesome outfits from the NCC team. :333


  1. Hi! I was the one in the velvet handmade dress ^_^ I'm glad you liked it!
    Is is ok if I use you picture on my blog? (I forgot to take pictures of myself in that dress!!) I might edit it a little! And I will credit of course~

    I also linked you previous entry in the facbook group for the fashion show. We haven't been able to find a lot of pictures from the show at all, so thank you for these!!

    1. Hi again, it's a seriously beautiful dress, you have all my jealousy! :D

      Yes you may, my usual policy is that as long as crediting and linking to the original blog entry is included you may do whatever you like with the photos you're in - post them elsewhere, pin them, tumblr them, edit them as you please, use them in any way you like. The same rule also goes for the fashion show photos so if the people in your comm would like to use them they're all free game! ^^