Monday, 28 July 2014

Närcon 2014 report 4: lolitas and other fashion!

But first feast your eyes on this little beauty. I had never had mochi ice cream before and I think I'm addicted... but of course you can't get them in Iceland, or if you can I don't know where. T^T

I realized I have a gazillion photos on this topic too so I'll have to post them in two separate entries to keep everything sort of tidy. Dividing them was real easy though - one entry for the Närcon 2014 lolita fashion show and another one for lolitas I met there.

If you see a photo of yourself feel free to use it as you like, but please credit me and include a link to the blog entry you got it from.

We start with the fashion show. Here's our announcer-chan - I don't know Swedish lolitas very well so I'm afraid I can't use anyone's nicks/names... another thing is that I've been kind of outside of the fashion for a few years and my vocabulary is lacking. I seriously felt clueless several times, so I'll just use the announcer-chan's descriptions as well as I can remember them for those ones that I felt confused about. 

The show was arranged in a quite interesting manner by not grouping any of the styles together, so I'll just go by what I had in my camera. A really cute sweet lolita for the start!

This one too was adorable. IN MY TIME this style would have been considered hime/borderline hime, but it was described as sweet instead (I gotta get my loli knowledge together).

Another sweet lolita, perhaps a really beautifully done old school coord.

A gothic lolita - I loved her dramatic coord!

Btw I have a soft spot for bright red so don't be surprised that I really loved this one!

I think this one was called cult party kei? Again the combination of bright red gives it a nice dramatic touch.

...I'm sorry random stranger in the audience for creepily taking a photo of your bag but the Cooking Hannibal badge won my heart...

This one was listed as a classic lolita I think? Or was it still among the sweet ones? Apologies, for some reason I really can't remember which line she stood in at the end. D:

I'm not entirely sure how I would flock this coord - a very nicely done coord at that by the way - but the announcer-chan called it "a bit more maid-style".

I have such a huge weak spot for this dress. It's that viking-inspired dress with shoulder buckles and a rune print around the hem...

If I get easily confused by lolita styles, let's not even start with gyaru! I know absolutely nothing. These two were called "Liz Lisa gyaru, twinning".

There was also a shironuri coord, very dramatic (I'm weak for dramatic costumes)(and horns).

I think this one was called "more marine style classic lolita". Well, I love classic and sailor as styles, I'll love them together as well!

...and here's one of my absolute favourites, the cutest otome ever. I love the simple elegance of the coord and idk she was just so well put-together. *_*

This one was so energetic! :D Loved the bubbles and the coord itself but sadly I have no idea what style it is - she was the last one in the her line and the announcer didn't say anything about her outfit, so if you can help a loli out pls do!

Another favourite from the show, her dress is handmade. *_* I met her later on and got a better photo, you'll see it in the next entry!

This girl was just made of perfection. We met her in the previous day and her coord then, as well as on stage, we both flawless! Turned out she was there representing Dream Holic Wigs.

I don't have nearly everyone here - I mostly concentrated on lolita for obvious reasons - but I know my friend got way more photos than I did, I'll link you guys to those when she puts them online. :)


  1. Lovely post! Thank you! :D
    I was the hime lolita, it was the announcer Jen who put me in sweet x3

    1. Hi hi! Glad you liked the post! ^^

      Well, fashion shows, anything can happen. I suppose it was easier to just divide the group sort of roughly in sweet, classic and gothic and leave the substyles out (tho personally I'm a fan of substyles so I would have liked hearing more about them specifically). But it was also awfully hot so all in all it worked well. :)

  2. I'm the cult party-kei girl, you got the name right!

  3. I was the bunny girl and the Journey cosplayer ;) So happy to find photos of me online, haha. I take i you were the gothic lolita from Iceland at the meetup? Anyway, my coord for the fashion show is street style, with a hint of fairy kei! Street style since I don't really think salopettes are lolita. Anyway, thank you for your very kind words on your blog! ♥


      Ahem. Sorry about that but Journey is awesome and other Journeyers are awesome as well. :3 We really loved your cosplay! Besides that I also loved your coord on stage, it was so creative and fun and the soap bubbles were a super cute idea.

      (The gothic loli was actually Iceland's NCC committee member, I was the one in the self-made white skirt. :D)