Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Don't miss these delicacies!

Guys did you know what's going on at Ingólfstorg at the moment? YUMMY FOODS THAT'S WHAT. 

Yesterday the SO sent me a message about someone selling baklava on Ingólfstorg and I literally jumped on the next bus heading downtown. As you may have somehow guessed I live in Breiðholt, I just get pretty serious about baklava - but what I found there was even better.

Two large tents full of nomnoms. They'll be there only until Friday this week so schedule yourself accordingly if you want to go get some. When I visited one of them - the white one - they didn't have a card paying option but there's an ATM about 10m away so that was not really a problem.

Let's have a look at some of the goods!

First of all my great weakness, baklava. It's almost impossible to get in Iceland and when you do find some it's nearly always kinda... old. These ones above however are crispy and yummy annnd well I bought three but I may have to go buy more. I'm that much in love with baklava.

If you've never tried it I agree it may look unusual, but don't let that stop you. Baklava is made of thin, crunchy layers of filo with nuts and honey/syrup. These ones also had a mild taste of cinnamon in them which I loved. It's a bit messy to eat. :D It's extremely sweet so if in doubt, just buy one piece and try it.

Baklava is not the only reason you should pay this booth a visit though - there's also cashews and dried fruit and I think I'm seeing chocolate-dipped dry fruit in the back -

- fudge of all flavours -

- and Turkish delight! Again, on a rare occasion I've found this candy in Iceland but it's never this good looking. I think I must go get some of this too. The reason that I didn't was that I blew all my money on baklava and

OLIVES. Filled with almonds, garlic, with or without a pit, paprika or chili-filled or... well I didn't even know which to start from so the booth owner suggested we make a mix of them for me.

My catch. :) He told me they'd last two weeks in the fridge and I was quietly thinking "haha they'll be gone in a few days". At the moment I've already destroyed about a fourth of them because I'm a greedy pig.

Let's not forget the other side either. If the white tent seems to offer south-east European/Turkish treats, the red one specializes in Italian/south-European ones. I might also have to come back for this tent - the SO bought some of these and they're also super delicious! 

I went to snap photos of them as they were still setting up the tent so everything's still wrapped up.

I'm getting hungry again.

Also these. I have never tasted anything like this so I'm feeling like I'm missing out, it looks so good!

In short:

- delicacies that usually are not available are now available downtown
- seriously try some baklava
- Miss K. you don't want to miss the olives (she knows who she is)
- the olives are really gooooood
- these booths will only be there this week
- I'm not sure if paying with a card is an option because I was there so early they were only setting up, so ask about it
- I'm more informed about the white tent's yummies than the red one's so my sincerest apologies that I don't know what the Italian treats are, I only know they taste really good!


  1. So since you were there as they were setting up...
    Would you please tell me what time that was?

    1. I was there around midday. I think after midday they should definitely be open, and today I saw the booths open still around six in the afternoon but around eight they were both closed. :)

  2. where is this located? :)

    1. They're at Ingólfstorg, downtown Reykjavík. :)

  3. Some of the food looks very yummy, even though I've never tried them. Other foods... look slightly suspicious, but if I ever had the opportunity, I guess I wouldn't mind trying a bite for experience's sake.
    Anyways, I've decided to nominate your wonderful blog with the Liebster blog award. You can find the post here: Liebster Blog Award Post

    1. Oh my, I'm honored! Thank you! :O

      I know the feeling. Always ready to taste new foods even if they look a bit... unusual. :D