Monday, 25 August 2014

Visiting museums in style!

Yesterday the local open air museum Árbæjarsafn had a market day with free entrance, so naturally we had to go investigate and dress up accordingly. I mean what else do you do.

A definite bonus of oncoming autumn is that I can begin to wear capelets and scarves and such. A negative is that this particular bonnet will have to retire for the winter but hey, late August/early September is the cheating zone in which you can still wear summer items but also include autumn ones!

And now for photos.

Detail shot.

Outfit rundown:

Dress: honestly no idea, no tag anywhere. Gunne Sax has been suggested.
Bonnet: Mrs Parker's Millinery & Mercantile
Capelet: Andersen & Lauth
Boots: Bodyline
All else: vintage/offbrand

Museum selfie! :D

I seriously hate going up and down stairs like these, narrow, steep and did I mention that with hems like these there's no way of seeing where you're putting your feet on. Could be another stair, could be The Void.

I'm quite sure this room was haunted. I walked in and the radio in the room immediately began to make demon noises at me, stopping only when I stepped away from it.

Here's something that apparently really is haunted! It's a sleeping shack for scouts and one of those beds belongs to a ghost called Hallbera. No one knows which one it is though, but if you sleep in the wrong one you'll find out. :D

I love old rooms...

...and bizarre wall tapestries.

No I have no idea why there's a 80's style sweater on the wall, blame the time travelers.

I admit the wig is also a mystery.

I used to have a bed like this. The taller I grew the more it had to be pulled out until that one fateful day when my friend sat on it and the whole thing came apart in the middle. :D

We also ended up in the evening news (holy bob I gotta learn to walk like a, a, woman - failing that human will do as well, actually anything but that cow jog).

Naturally I bought this guy. I've also eaten him already. :Þ

Text says "party lollipop for a party lion" and that's exactly what I am, I arrive to the party, eat everything and go right to sleep.


  1. Long dresses suit you gorgeously! And you suit the museum, they should pay you to be part of the exhibition :)

    1. Haha I could sneakily sit on a chair pretending to be a dummy and then scare museum-goers by suddenly starting to move. :D Whaaaat noooooo it never happened during this trip... honest.