Friday, 5 September 2014

Lolita meet-up etiquette: Iceland version.

During the Närcon's lolita meet-up we spoke with one local girl and an interesting topic came up: what are you allowed to wear to a lolita meet-up. She seemed positively astounded to hear that the Icelandic lolita community has absolutely no rules regarding this, and that showing up to a meet-up in your normal clothes/some other style that's not within the lolita umbrella was totally ok, so I thought to put together an official meet-up dress etiquette for Fluff It Like a Puffin for future reference.

1. All and any styles are allowed. Love gyaru? Come as one! Lolita? Naturally! You don't own any lolita clothes but you're interested in the style? Come as you are.

Because let's be realistic, this is a very fresh hobby in Iceland. While people of the comm all share a love for Japanese fashion styles not everyone even has lolita clothes yet OR they prefer to go for some other style. As an admin it's my opinion that they don't need to own any to be a part of the community. Fluffit exists solely as a place for people to gather together around a common interest and we don't turn anyone away just because they either don't have or choose to not wear lolita to meet-ups that don't have a specific dress code.

If you want to host a meet-up on your own any rules and dress codes are entirely up to you of course, the above one is only for the community's official meet-ups. :)

2. What we DO care about is how you behave though.

Always take others into account. I cannot stress this enough, remember that the main point of meet-ups is hanging out with friends, so don't inconvenience the others.

Be in time, don't force the others to wait for you unless you know they have a chance of doing that in a comfortable place - you know what the weather can be like at worst but even on the sunniest day standing on a spot, wondering if one missing person is going to arrive at all, is very unpleasant. If you're going to be late let someone know so the others can go ahead with the meet-up and you can join it as you arrive.

If someone's hosting a meet-up with a limited number of people allowed, don't hog a place unless you're 100% certain you're going to come. Don't use the "maybe" option on FB for these meet-ups. "Maybeing" is totally ok if there's no attendance limit but if one exists, taking a place and then fading on the group is not acceptable because that chance of attending is away from someone else.

If a meet-up is hosted at someone's place, remember to also leave in time. When the meet-up is over it's over, thank the host for fun tiems and don't linger. The host may want to start cleaning up, they may have more things on their schedule for the day, they may just want to rest. Lending one's place for a meet-up is a really generous gesture and awesome for everyone so don't scare hosts away from doing that.

3. So wait, this community is for Icelanders only? Is there a way of meeting you guys if I'm coming over?

This community in fact is not only for Icelanders, but we do have one condition on joining the community: being here. This means that you can join the comm if you're an Icelander living in Iceland, foreigner living in Iceland, Icelander or a foreigner planning to move to Iceland or visiting Iceland as a tourist. The languages acceptable in the comm are Icelandic and English.

Therefore if you're planning a trip to Iceland and would like to meet the local lolitas why not drop us a note! We won't automatically accept people into the comm if their FB profiles don't show obvious connection to the country, so PM one of the admins/moderators on Fluffit and let us know of your plans. Most likely we can arrange a meet-up on some easy to reach location downtown, f.ex. a cafe.

Can't bring a coord? No problem. Our group is first and foremost interested in meeting the person themselves - the first dress code rule (iow no dress code) means everyone. :)

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