Sunday, 7 September 2014

Another visitor for Fluffit!

Yesterday the Fluffit group had another one of those exciting meet-ups where we get to meet lolitas visiting Iceland. This time our visitor was Maja!

The meet-up place was Sandholt as usual because there really are not many cafes in all Iceland that can compete with it, and those that can are located elsewhere (f.ex. Fjöruhúsið at Snæfellsnes). It was a crazily busy day at Sandholt but otherwise great.

Detail shot because I'm so jelly of that hair... :3

Sorry about the general quality of photos, my camera is oooold and should probably retire soon... in any case here's the Sigga.

Her bf makes absolutely perfect bows so we had to document one. 

Miss F. being perfect as always.

There were more people at the meet-up but a few declined being in a photo, so it was actually a bit bigger group than this. :D

...annnnd me. A new dress that was originally a set of sheets. ) : D

Same with outwear included + a detail shot of my hairpin because puffins. 

Outfit rundown:

JSK + puffin clip: selfmade
Cardigan: Vero Moda
Hat: Fox Cherry
All else: vintage + offbrand.

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