Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Some kitsuke ideas.

Late August and early September are ideal for kimono wearing over here. There are other times as well, but this is the time of the year when the air turns crisp and cold but the autumn storms have not yet began (they usually arrive en masse around October/November). Multilayered kitsuke time!

Starting with the simplest one. I'm in love with this kimono, it's so cheerful and still makes me think of Moomins and the art of Tove Jansson.

Plus that daruma obi is an eternal favourite, though I don't wear it that often because it's old and I'm afraid of damaging it.

Then for the complicated ones. Btw I love this sleeve length for kimono: not furisode-long but longer than usual kimono. You can compare to the one above.

This time I got an idea of trying a bonnet and a cape with the kitsuke based on an art piece that I once saw floating around Tumblr and lost almost immediately. It also used glasses, hence, well, glasses.

This is how the cape looks at the back. I like how it imitates the swoop of a kimono neckline.

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos by the way. It was a dark day and my old camera could not handle it. Perhaps I'll one day have a proper photoshoot done with these ideas...

Detail shot of the front.

A mirror detail shot (that's why everything suddenly switched sides in the coord, it's all just mirrored) that also shows the hairstyle. 

But then I also thought of wearing a haori instead of the cape. This is the one that I bought thinking it had short sleeves but found out that the sleeves had just been shortened and took them back out into their original shape. I also love how long the haori is, most only come you your hips but this one's knee-length.

Plus I like the bold pattern in it. It fits well with the plaid.

Detail!selfie with our driftwood garden decoration trolls!

And a blooper pic to finish with. I'm deadly afraid of anything that flies and can sting so a bee/hornet/wasp can easily get all my attention no matter what else I'm doing at the moment. :D

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