Monday, 8 September 2014

The summer slipped away; welcome autumn.

I realized that I've got plenty of photos I haven't put here yet ranging from the end of summer to the beginning of autumn, so here we go. Starting with puffin elegance because yes I've made these puffin hairclips in all possible colours.

Hveragerði's ice cream day casual coord. Except that when we got there it was so windy that my hairstyle was immediately torn to pieces and it was pure luck I didn't lose the poor puffin. ;^;

We also had our first autumn storm which was a bit surprising because they usually hit us in October. I went to walk in it for fun because I have a weird idea of what constitutes as fun.

Hair art by the SO. Not sure whether to call it a heart or a certain part of male anatomy. :D

More food news from Reykjavík: there's a donut stall on the side of Ingólfstorg that sells mini donuts. Super yummy!

Best part of autumn: layers and layers of sweaters and scarves. 

I think the shoulder thingy (scarf? cape? shoulder-ette?) is crocheted by either my mother or my grandmother. It's cute and warm. :3

Naturally the drunk-knit bubble sweater has been dug out a long time ago, the first cold day in fact. I missed it! Btw new shoes - well, new from a flea market -new.

Hoping you too will have a warm autumn and chai tea, cinnamon coffee, hot toddies and mulled wine and oh, isn't it soon time to prepare for Kekri/Halloween...?

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